Frequently Asked Questions

As your baby grows, you can adjust the headrest portion of the body support by moving the headrest Velcro strip up on the Velcro body support strip. If you feel it is getting too snug around your baby's face or body, you may wish to remove it. Please contact your pediatrician for advice on whether your baby's neck muscles are developed enough to go without support as all babies develop at individual rates.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Original Bundleme has a cozy, Thermaplush outer shell while the Urban Bundleme has a weather resistant nylon shell. The Urban Bundleme features an optional hood and fully functioning buttons. There is also a hidden pocket on the top panel of the Urban Bundleme which can hold pacifiers, a phone, a small toy or any other items needed within arms reach. The Original Bundleme and the Urban Bundleme are both intended to be used in place of a coat or snow suit in cold winter conditions. They have the same function and are intended to be used in comparable temperature ranges.

We’re sorry to hear that. To confirm that the spout is opened, gently pinch the spout and pull apart. This opens the spout for use. You may need to do this again after the product has been run through the dishwasher.

Oh no, we’re very sorry to hear that and thank you for your feedback, as we are continuing to improve upon this product.  The universal lids are intended for on-the-go use when a sippy cup may not be readily available and are not intended to replace your sippy cup collection.  If you were looking for a traditional sippy cup, we’d be happy to replace your SNUG lids with FLUID, our durable, spill-proof sippy.  Please contact us with your name, address, phone number and email address and we’ll send you a new product shortly.

Please make sure that you are only using cups with a diameter between  2.5 inches and 3.75 inches. 

The universal SNUG lids are intended for on-the-go use when a sippy cup may not be readily available.  These lids are not intended to replace your sippy cup collection.  Unfortunately, creating a universal lid that stretches over a variety of cups (between 2.5 inches and 3.75 inches in diameter), means that our lids will not be locked into place as they would on a traditional sippy cup.  If a universal lid is not what you were looking for, we’d be happy to replace your SNUG lids with our durable, spill-proof sippy cup, FLUID.  Please contact us with your name, address, phone number and email address.

Does a baby poop in a diaper? With NURSH, the only thing your milk comes in contact with is 100% silicone. So slurp away, little one. You’re safe with us.

Heck yes! NURSH works great with either formula or breast milk. It also works great with cow’s milk, juice, and other yummy liquids your baby likes.

NURSH’s silicone pouch makes it a great vessel for preserving milk, chilled or on the rocks. Don’t make baby wait too long though. 

NURSH can be cleaned by hand, in a dishwasher or sterilizer. Flip the collapsible silicone pouch inside out for a deeper clean. Boon's FORB bottle brush is a great way to scrub your NURSH clean too.

It’s not rocket science: The fewer parts there are, the easier it is to clean. With minimal pieces, NURSH makes cleaning and assembly a snap. The silicone milk pouch can be flipped inside out for easy washing and drying. It can also be boiled, sterilized, microwaved and frozen. Don’t try that with a glass bottle.

Dirty bottles can stank! NURSH is no exception. Give it a nice wash and you should be good to go.

We’ve heard there might be some DIY solutions to help clear things up, but it might just be time to replace those parts (we have to say that for legal reasons).

Here are some steps to help you: Slide the silicone pouch into the hard shell and press evenly around lip to ensure pouch is sealed. Pull the nipple through collar until it pops into place. Twist assembled nipple and collar onto shell. So simple.

Since our bottle works like mom, NURSH may leak at times. Since our silicone pouches are soft and squeezable, it is important to make sure NURSH is assembled correctly. Check to see if the lip of the pouch is seated properly on the hard shell. Also make sure the nipple is inserted correctly into the collar.