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ERTL Summer Farm Toy Recap

by Bill Walters

Posted on Friday, June 22, 2018

Greetings from Dyersville.
It was great talking to some of you at the Summer Farm Toy Show here in Dyersville. I always enjoy the show as we get to showcase our new items and talk to many of you about farm toys. My birthday is also in June, so this show makes me realize I’m getting another year older. The weather is nice and warm, and the crops are growing. I must have planted my sweetcorn too early this year. My stand wasn’t very good, and I’ve had to re-plant most of it. We’ve had better luck with our potatoes, onions and beans. I hope our tiller keeps working, because the weeds sure don’t take vacations. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the show, we did a Facebook live event on our Ertl page. Here are some highlights of our display, and some of the new items we introduced: Farm Show Units: We introduced the fall farm show units we’re producing, including the 1:64th New Holland CR 8.90 combine on tracks with the Kernel T.R. artwork on the side panels. T.R. was used to introduce the Twin Rotor combines in the 1970’s. (Stock # 13940OTP) For Case IH we’re producing the brand new Maxxum 150 tractors in both 1:32nd and 1:64th scale. (Stock #s 44152A/44153A)

For John Deere we’re producing a 1:32nd 9570RX and a 1:64th 9620RX. (Stock #s 45665A/45666A) These tractors are being produced in silver color to celebrate John Deere’s 100th Anniversary of producing tractors. All units have “chase” features including black chrome for New Holland, Case IH “Dusty” units, and John Deere tractors in their normal green trade dress.

Additional new items being shown for the first time were our 1:16th and 1:64th National Farm Toy Museum tractors. Our new 1:16th offering is a newly tooled Ford 881 Selecto-O-Speed tractor in the special “Gold Demonstrator” paint scheme. (Stock # 13937) Ford introduced the Select-O-Speed transmission in 1959 with the “01” Series tractors. Ford required every dealer to have at least one Select-O-Speed demonstrator tractor on hand as a sales tool. We are only producing 2,500 units of this tractor. If you’re a Ford tractor lover you want to make sure and get one of these ordered. Our 1:64th offering is a newly tooled Allis Chalmers 7080 tractor. The 7080 was the largest of the 7000 series and we’re doing the later version with black chassis. This tractor had over 180 PTO horsepower and was powered by their 7L diesel engine. Our replica comes with the Acousta cab and dual rear wheels. (Stock # 16376)

Additional new items include the 1:16th John Deere 4000 Low Profile tractors being produced for the Two Cylinder Club (Stock # 16371A) and our 1:16th John Deere “GM” tractor with umbrella celebrating John Deere’s 75th Anniversary of supporting the FFA. (Stock # 45675OTP)

On the red side, we showed some early samples of the 1:16th IH886 and 1:64th IH 4166 Toy Farmer tractors (Stock #s 44159A/44160A) that will be shipping in November. We also showed a sample of the 1:16th Farmall 460 “Demonstrator” tractor that will be coming out later this year to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this tractor. (Stock #44151A)

We also have some unique units that will be available through our Ertl Collectors Club later this year. Keep watching the website for the latest offerings.
Until next time,