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Cooler Weather and Hot Farm Toy News!

by Bill Walters

Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

September in Northeast Iowa has been colder than normal.  It almost feels like fall here.  I was asked recently how my apple tree was doing and whether I was going to get any apples this year.   I’m happy to announce the tree is alive and well, and I was able to get nine apples this year.   That’s right, nine.  Between windstorms and critters, I managed to save a few.  It sure seems like it would have been easier to just buy apples, but I’ve never been one who takes the easiest route.


Earlier this year I visited Nashville, TN and got to visit some of the sights and sounds of “Honky Tonk Row”.  If you’ve been in Blake Shelton’s bar called “Ole Red” you’ll see a full size Farmall “B” upside down over the stage.   For the hard core party crowd you can also rent a tractor and wagon and party through the streets being pulled by a Case IH tractor.  Perhaps I should start something like this in Dyersville?   It might get a little cold in winter.

If you haven’t heard the news, Case IH just unveiled their largest Magnum tractor at the Farm Progress Show.  The AFS Connect Magnum 400.  This is now Case IH’s largest row crop tractor.  I’ll keep you updated on our plans for this tractor.

I have some additional new items to announce that will be available through our Ertl Collectors Club and other retailers.   We’re happy to announce two new 1:16th scale Caterpillar Skid Loaders.  We were able to partner with Diecast Masters to commission the production of the 272D2 (Stock # X85602)  and 297D2 (Stock # X85603) Skid Steer Loaders.  Both of these die cast models have four attachments including a sweeper, auger, bucket and forks.  This is the first time we’ve seen a modern 1:16th CAT Skid Steer Loader produced in die cast.  These models will be available in October.   Check out the Ertl Collectors Club website for info on ordering these.

We also have some additional surprises coming soon as we start to celebrate Ertl’s 75th Anniversary. We’ll be introducing some special models and offerings as part of our celebration including some limited edition units that can only be purchased through our outlet store and Collector Club. We also have some special promotions planned for other tractors.

We’re also in the process of shipping two new pedal tractors.  The John Deere 4430 (Stock # 45631) is shipping now.  This tractor features a wide front axle and showcases the design of the John Deere “30” Generation II Series tractors that were produced from 1973 to 1977.  It had 125 PTO horsepower from the 404 cubic inch engine.

We also are shipping the Farmall “C” pedal tractor. (Stock # 44137)  The Farmall “C” tractor replaced the famous “A” and “B” tractors in 1948.  Farmall “A” tractors featured an offset engine and were only offered with a wide front axle.  The “B” had the seat offset to the right and featured a narrow front axle.  The “C” brought everything back to the middle and was offered with both front axle combinations, and some additional horsepower.   Check them out at your local dealership.

The days are already getting shorter and most of the gardening is coming to an end.   The potatoes are dug and our tomato plants have seen better days.  Enjoy the fall. 

Until next time,